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Cricket is a sport that originated in the early 16th century. Since then, it has not lost its popularity. The pinnacle of the international game is the Cricket World Cup. In every country there are many domestic matches. They are highly competitive. Other major competitions include the T20 World Cup, a series of Test and one-day matches. There are two basic formats of the game:

  • Test cricket;
  • With limited overs: One Day International and Twenty20.

The rules by which cricket is played were developed by the famous Marylebone Club. It has been in existence since 1787. For many years, only this organization had the right to form the rules and manage their implementation. It is important to note that the club also upholds the spirit of the game. According to which in cricket there should be no inappropriate behavior of players or various types of foul play.

Test cricket

It is the oldest form of international competition in the sport. Matches of this kind can only take place between full members of the International Cricket Council:

  • India;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Australia;
  • England;
  • South Africa;
  • West Indies;
  • New Zealand;
  • Pakistan;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Zimbabwe.

The first Test match in cricket history was played on 15 March 1877 between England and Australia at Melbourne's MCG Stadium. They have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other competition formats. Competitors compete for four innings. In two of these, one team takes on the role of batter, and in the other two, the second team takes on the role of batter. They usually take turns batting, but there are exceptions. Test matches often take place over five days. Each day provides six hours of playing time. If there is no winner by the end of the scheduled match time, a draw-draw is declared.

Cricket with limited overs

This format was originally tested at the County Championship in 1969. In the end it was decided that this type of game should exist everywhere. And that is why cricket is still played with limited overs. At first, this format found expression in one-day matches. The most common of which are ODI (One Day International). This is the format in which, for example, the World Cricket Championship is played.

Each team is now given only one inning per attack. The number of overs is limited to 40 or 50, and such matches last about six hours. Obviously, ODIs were not the limit for cricket reformers. That is why the Twenty20 format has recently become widespread. As the name suggests, this kind of cricket limits the number of overs to 20. The duration of the match is reduced to 3-4 hours. This makes this format preferable for TV broadcasts. At the moment, the most prestigious national championships, such as the Australian Big Bash, the Indian Super League and the British Vitality Blast, are played under Twenty20 rules. Below you can read about all cricket tournaments.

Test cricket matches

There are many matches in the Test cricket format. During the tournament, one team comes to the other. The winner receives a trophy and that is why they became known as such. Sometimes they are open-ended. Perpetual trophies include:

  • Ashes. It is held between England and Australia. It is the most famous perpetual;
  • Frank Worrell Trophy. Held between Australia and the West Indies;
  • Trans - Tasman. Trial series between Australia-New Zealand;
  • Chappell Trophy - Hadley. This is a series for Australia-New Zealand;
  • Border - Gavaskar. Held between Australia - India;
  • Wisden Trophy. Held between England - West Indies;
  • Warne - Muralidharan. Held between Australia and Sri Lanka;
  • Basil D'Oliveira Trophy. Held between England and South Africa;
  • Pataudi. England - India;
  • Sobers - Tissera Trophy. West Indies - Sri Lanka;
  • Anthony de Mello Trophy. Test matches between England - India;
  • Freedom Trophy. Held between India - South Africa;
  • Ganguly - DurJoy Trophy. India - Bangladesh Test Series.

All these matches have been played for a long time. They are of great importance to all fans. Cricket events in 2022 attracted a record number of spectators.

Matches One Day International

  • Australia;
  • England;
  • New Zealand;
  • Pakistan;
  • West Indies;
  • India;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • South Africa;
  • Zimbabwe;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Afghanistan;
  • Ireland.

All of these 12 countries take part in ODI tournaments all the time. The rest are granted only temporary ODI status by the ICC.

Twenty20 matches

This game once gained even more popularity thanks to this format. The T20 rules are the basis of the cricket world championships. The first match was played in 2007. This event became very successful. Then it was decided to hold the Champions League in this format in addition to the T20 World Championship. It is attended by teams from Australia, England, West Indies, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The T20 World Cup is held every four years. Also one of the famous competitions in this format is the Indian and Caribbean Premier Leagues. These are professional cricket tournaments.

Upcoming cricket events

A large number of cricket matches are played each year. In addition to the major worlds, each country also has a domestic competition. The main event in 2023 is the ICC Cricket World Cup. It will be held in India. It will be played on a round robin system with elimination. The championship will begin in October and end in November. Other upcoming cricket events:

  • Ireland's Test match in England. June 2023;
  • Ashes. June to July 2023;
  • New Zealand in Pakistan. ODI Series. April-May 2023;
  • New Zealand in England. ODI Series. September 2023;
  • Ireland in England. ODI Series. September 2023;
  • New Zealand in Pakistan. T20 Series. April-May 2023;
  • New Zealand in England. T20 Series. August-September 2023;
  • First Division County Championship Series. In April-September 2023. Held in England;
  • Second Division County Championship Series. April-September 2023. Held in England;
  • IPL 2023. Starts on March 20, with the final match on June 1. Ten teams will participate this season.

These are the main upcoming matches. For many there are no specific dates yet. Stay tuned for more cricket news. In addition to these events, there are also other upcoming events.

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